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  • TPO口语第一题例题名师解析

    2016-12-01 17:28
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      1. Describe one change in your country. It could be a social, political or economical change.

      这道题讲的是“变化”,值得高兴的是,同学们不必要担心topic development 这个问题。对于大多数的考生而言,1,2题比较难的地方,不是你们想不出理由,而是不知道如何去展开,而这又是raters在评分时非??粗氐囊坏?,也是口语评分标准中明确提出的。既然是讲变化,就可以把过去和现在进行比较。有了比较,就再也不用担心你的答案缺少details 和collaboration喽。在内容方面,首先我不会选择去谈论政治,原因很简单,敏感且复杂,并且我也不擅长。我的首选会是经济方面的,因为范围广选择多。不要苛求在45秒里能讲清楚“高大上”的经济变化,选择贴近大众生活的就好。比如百姓在吃住行方面水平的提高;我也会选择讲中国在教育上的变化,作为一个英语老师,英语教学上的变化自然也是我的第一选择。下面就给大家两个我写的sample answer做个参考。

      Sample answer1:

      One change in my country I’d to like to talk about is that people now have more choices of transportation than before. A few decades ago, buses and bikes were the main transportation for people in my country. However, taking a bus in China decades ago was way more terrible than you could imagine, especially during the peak time. Without air conditioning in summer, passengers were standing back-to-back sweating all over simply because the bus was over crowded. And it was an awful thing to ride a bike in bad weather such as heavy snow or strong wind. Now, people can choose taxis or private cars, which are fast ,convenient and comfortable ; Taking subway is also a great option because it is fast and economical, and you'll never get caught in traffic jams.

      Sample answer 2:

      Well, I’d like to talk about how English education has been changed in my country in the past 20 years. Two decades ago, students used to take English lessons in a big class containing more than 60 people. What the teachers asked the students to do was simply memorizing as many words and grammatical points as possible. So it turned out that many students could only write English instead of speaking English. At present, the classes are much smaller than before. So the students are able to get more personal attention from teachers as well as more chances to speak during the class. Besides, teachers focus more on listening and speaking, which is very beneficial for students to improve English comprehensively.


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