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  • force sb to do sth还是force sb do sth

    2014-11-07 14:26
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    摘要:托福语法点:force sb to do sth还是force sb do sth?

    force用作动词,总是及物的,要表示迫使某人做某事,英语通常用 force sb to do sth,而不说 force sb do sth,这与普通的使役动词不一样。如:

    The reduced income forced him to economize. 收入减少迫使他节约。

    The storm forced us to cancel our meeting. 暴风雨迫使我们取消了会议。

    A decrease in sales forced the owners to close the store. 销售下滑迫使店主关门歇业。

    They forced the natives to leave their land by burning their villages. 他们烧毁了土著人的村庄,迫使他们离开自己的家园。


    The enemy were at last forced to give in. 敌人终于被迫投降。

    I was forced to concede that she might be right. 我不得不承认可能是她对。

    He was forced to leave his homeland for political reasons. 由于政治原因,他被迫离开了祖国。

    He was often forced to do what I was unwilling to do myself. 他常被迫去做他自己不愿去做的事。

    He was forced to accept it as true in the absence of other evidence. 由于没有别的证据,他只好认为那是真实的。

    He was forced to leave the country, leaving behind his wife and children. 他被迫离开这个国家,没有带走妻子和孩子。

    I was forced to agree to it, but at heart I didn’t quite agree with it. 我被迫答应,但内心并不完全同意。

    Many of the poorer people were forced to migrate to the cities to look for work. 很多较穷的人都被迫迁移到城市找寻工作。

    As new facts became known, the Government was forced to climb down over its handling of the spy scandal. 新的事实已众所周知,政府被迫承认处理间谍丑事失当。

    另外注意,英语除可说force sb to do sth,也可用force sb into doing sth。如:

    He was forced to leave [into leaving] the country. 他被迫离开这个国家。

    They forced her to sign [into signing] the paper. 他们强迫她在文件上签字。

    His arguments forced them to admit [into admitting] that he was right. 他的论据迫使他们承认他是正确的。

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